Our grinder is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, giving it strength, rigidity, and durability. So it can withstand the impacts of daily wear and tear, whether you’re using it in the comfort of your home, in the rugged outdoors, or while on the move!

The cap of the grinder has a 6mm raise, serving as a handle. This gives you maximum surface area and grip, when grinding your herbs, without being bulky and inconvenient when carrying about.


ø 31 mm

The grinder houses 14 diamond-shaped teeth; 6 in the cap, and 8 in the base. These are surrounded by 1O blades on the perimeter of the cap, and 4 blades surrounding the closure magnet on the base.

In between the teeth, 16 holes 3mm each; 8 circular, and 8 elliptical – maintain the perfect size for your tobacco/herbs to drop into the mixing compartment.

We use high-field force neodymium grade N52 magnets, to ensure the grinder remains closed in your pocket, backpack, purse, or while accessing other compartments of your Combie.


The storage compartment has an interior size of 28mm x 18mm x 14mm in size. It can fit enough herbs to roll about 2 to 3 cigarettes.

The compartment is located next to the grinder so everything is in the same place, and on the same side – for easy back-and-forth use.

It also holds a small, handy cleaning pick for cleaning the grinder and other areas of the device.


28 x 18 x 14 mm


The mixing bowl is large enough to contain herbs to roll a cigarette in any size of your choosing!

One of the most unique and useful aspects of the Combie is the mixing compartment. When you grind your herbs, they will fall directly into the mixing compartment, so everything is already in your hand!

mixing Bowl Size

92 x 28 x 12 mm

The door of the mixing bowl compartment locks securely with a snap closure and two additional pins for a tight seal. This allows you to combine your ingredients with a simple shake! You will no longer have to worry about wind or other environmental elements, since nothing will fall out.

Once finishing mixing your herbs, opening the door and pouring your herbs into the rolling paper is very easy. The high-polished interior of the mixing bowl ensures that no herbs will stick to the surface. When empty, the mixing bowl can also be used as a storage compartment for up to 3 cigarettes.

Rolling Papers

On the bottom section of the Combie, you will find a compartment designed to quickly draw out rolling papers and filters before or during the herb grinding process.

Compartment Size

110 x 28 x 7 MM


30% Cotton

This compartment is fitted for standard King-Size rolling papers and filter tips, and contains a pack of our exclusive organic rolling papers.